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Letterbox Drop - Unaddressed delivery service.

Reach potential customers through letterbox advertising​

We can help you reach consumers and businesses more effectively by using Australia Post's Unaddressed Mail to distribute your letterbox advertising. Send catalogues, flyers and other promotional material nationwide, or target suburbs or postcodes.


We have access to up to 11.6 million letterboxes for community notices* or up to 8.8 million letterboxes for other advertising*.


Items are delivered with regular addressed mail, so your catalogues and flyers are more likely to be viewed and read. In fact, 83% of people take the catalogues, flyers and brochures they receive with normal addressed mail into the house*.

You can trust Australia Post to deliver your letterbox advertising as specified. You can also rely on accurate address counts for your nominated delivery area. Australia post’s address data is based on fact, not assumptions, and is updated regularly to ensure it’s up to date. This helps you to reduce advertising wastage by printing only the quantities you need.

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* As at 26/2/2018 Australia Post has access to 11.6 million delivery points nationally – including 2.8 million delivery points that bear the message “No Advertising Material”, or similar words. These additional 2.8 million delivery points can only be accessed for community notices, where delivery is accepted by law. For addresses that accept advertising, Australia Post can provide access to 8.8 million letterboxes.

* Better Connections: How letterbox advertising engages and drives purchasing behaviour, Australia Post, October 2014.

* Premium service is only available for delivery within the state of lodgement. Articles must be lodged by 12 noon on the business day before the required delivery week. Premium Short Week service is available where the lodgement or delivery week includes a public holiday. Premium service and Premium Short Week service bookings will incur additional surcharges.